2010 Culinary Adventurer

2009 rtp1 portuguese television / Interview with Eyck Zimmer - after 37 sec


2007 MovingHouse Jan 2007

2006 Rocco Lowry chef wins prestigious award

2006 Chef of the Year: and the winner is…

2006 Eyck Zimmer, executive chef, the Lowry hotel, Manchester /

2005 Bocuse d'or 2005: der Deutsche Eyck Zimmer startet für Großbritannien    

2002 Zimmer takes second place for Britain in Prix Pierre Taittinger

2002 Eyck Zimmer kocht für Großbritannien

2002 Zimmer wins through in Taittinger cook-off

2000 Kikkoman Masters goes to Zimmer

"Since I first met Eyck many years ago at The Connaught Hotel in London, I gave him my recommendation to follow his career in the 'art of cooking'. He has given me great pleasure & satisfaction with his excellent evolution through our profession."

En tout amitie
Dr Michel Bourdin
Chancellor of The Academy Of Culinary Arts

HRH Prince of Wales, John Williams
and myself at the Mutton Renaissance
Lunch in November 2004

With Bob Monkhouse

Henri Salvador and Eyck
at Prix Culinaire Pierre Taittinger

"To evolve as a cook you
have to critique your work...
how to improve texture, appearance & taste."